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Images - Braze and Brazing Alloys - Cadmium Free Brazing Alloys
An excellent substitute for Brazeit #50N. It offers good strength and flow characteristics and works well on stainless steel and carbide. Brazeit A-50N is a silver brazing alloy that has found numerous applications for joining 300 series stainless steels in the food, medical and dental fields. The absence of cadmium in the alloy permits direct contact to food and for various medical or hospital applications. Addition of nickel to the silver-copper zinc alloy imparts corrosion properties which retards joint or interface corrosion of the brazed assembly. The nickel element in Brazeit A-50N also improves the bond strength when joining of tungsten carbide cutting tips. Brazeit A-50N is a suitable replacement to the cadmium containing BAg-3 alloy. Its low liquidus of 1305 ºF reduces surface oxidation and sensitization to stainless steels.
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Bell man melcor
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Item #   Silver (Ag)   Copper (Cu) Melting Pt. Flow Pt.   MBT   Color
BrazeIt A-5   5   58   1545 ºF   1615 ºF   1700   Brass Yellow
            840 ºC   880 ºC        
BrazeIt A-9   9   53   1410 ºF   1565 ºF   1650   Brass Yellow
            765 ºC   850 ºC        
BrazeIt A-20   20   45   1315 ºF   1500 ºF   1600   Brass Yellow
            710 ºC   815 ºC        
BrazeIt A-25   25   52.5   1250 ºF   1575 ºF   1650   Brass Yellow
            675 ºC   855 ºC        
BrazeIt A-25T   25   40   1265 ºF   1420 ºF   1550   Light Yellow
            685 ºC   770 ºC        
BrazeIt A-30   30.0±1.0%   38.0±1.0%   1250 ºF   1410 ºF   1600   Light Yellow
            677 ºC   766 ºC        


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